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Michael Wells

Hi I'm Coach Mike. I am passionate about helping you live your life to the fullest. It's perhaps the greatest, most fulfilling thing I can spend my time on. 

Dan Munro and I co-founded BROJO to help guys like us live better lives, and spend fewer years of frustration trying to fix life - by doing all the wrong things, for alll the wrong reasons.

My life has had quite a few interesting chapters, but rarely (until the last 5 years) could I say I was truly happy. Now I know what I was missing, what's truly important to me, and my life is centred on the things I value.

About my coaching

My writing & coaching focuses on the areas where I have struggled the most, learned the most, & grown the most.

These are the areas that I can help you most with...

  1. Overcoming Social Anxiety & Introversion. I grew up as the intelligent, introverted kid. The one who found it much easier to do things on my own, than to figure out how to be part of the team. Life was OK, until I discovered girls, and that I had absolutely no idea how to talk to them. Then life totally sucked. It took me a long time to realize that my introversion was not a social death-sentence. It simply meant that I needed to learn how to get out of my head, stop overthinking things, and simply connect. Now my social life, my friends, and my relationships are far more valuable and meaningful to me than any of my businesses or work projects. Connecting with new people is easy, and incredibly rewarding. I feel like I have a new superpower.
  2. Overcoming Overthinking & Perfectionism. I actually thought that these things were good things, until I realised how they were killing my ability to connect with people, and to simply enjoy my life.
  3. Building Your Relationship with Yourself. Perfectionism, and other "stories" in my life lead to a "Not Good Enough" story, where I became extremely self-critical. I felt fat, unattractive, completely unsocial, never successful enough.
  4. Dating & Relationships. Learning how to connect with others deeply - mind, body and spirit, has been one of my greatest joys.
  5. Recovering from broken Relationships. Most relationships don't last, and it turns out that's totally OK. My life featured 3 long term (7 year) relationships, each of which were devastating to me when they ended. I didn't know what the future looked like. I had no hope for falling in love again. I pretty much felt my life was over. Every time I was wrong. It was just the beginning of a new chapter of adventure, better than the last one.
  6. Business Leadership & Entrepreneurship. I've started 32 business now, ranging from technology companies to performing arts groups. All of them have been full of challenges and critical lessons.
  7. Lifestyle Design. Discovering & Creating the lifestyle you want. For the first time ever, my life is a healthy balance of work, romance, deep & meaningful friendships, fitness and healthy living, adventure & creativity. Every part of me - mind, body, and soul is happy & healthy at the same time. I work for myself, have huge flexibility to do things that I want to during the day, and have an immensely satisfying life. All without stress, anxiety and imbalance that featured in most of my life.

I'm available for 1:1 intense personal coaching. If you're interested to know more, you can contact me at right.

My life story

I never make the same mistake twice. I make it at least 5 or 6 times, just to be sure.

As a teenager, I had heaps of dreams and fantasies about how my life would go. My dream life included marriage, family, starting my own business, exploring the world, inventing cool new things that would make the world a better place. I had a lot of ideals and fantasies about how my life would be.

I've reached several of those mountaintops. I've been married. I have beautiful children. I've started a very successful business. I've owned a nice house and a very fast Japanese sports car. I've had more money than I knew how to spend. I've lived on the 59th story of a skyscraper, and owned the beautiful oak-and-granite loft in the central Chicago business district. Each of these goals and victories were fun.

But I soon discovered that these "accomplishments" didn't make me happy.

There were always downsides I hadn't forseen. Stresses I hadn't planned on. Higher mountains that I could see only from the top of the one I'd just climbed.

I also discovered that, being on top of those mountains was somehow less exciting and rewarding than the climb itself. And I never felt content, victorious, or... happy. Happiness in life wasn't about the top, it was about the process of getting there.

That idea just seemed weird, so at first I thought the answer to the post-victory emotional lows was "I need more." I started more businesses, invented more things, bought more cool stuff, had more relationships, and more children,

2 marriages, 4 children, 32 startup businesses, 4 homes and 5 cars later, I had to accept that, you know what, I must have something wrong. The top of the mountain was simply not what life is about. I was aiming for the wrong thing.

What I Learned

The questions you ask in life are at the centre of everything. They determine what you focus on, what you learn, and where you grow.

Instead of asking What will make me happy? I ask Where have I been happiest?

I found the obvious answer in my childhood, when I naturally lived the way that felt most right. Curiosity, creativity, adventure, and friendship were huge for me. I could spend hours talking with someone about an interesting idea, or disassembling TVs, radios, phones, and toasters to see how they worked (sorry mum).

Instead of asking What will make my life meaningful? I ask What makes my life meaningful to ME?

I found that the answer for me is, learning about and exercising my core values. Every time, I am deeply rewarded - even for the smallest step I take.

Instead of asking What do I NEED to feel enriched and complete? I ask What can I DO that enriches me the most right now?

Since I began asking this, I build a Japanese drumming team, studied karate, Acroyoga, and Zouk dance, and started BROJO. I conquered some severe stage fright, and my fear of public speaking. Started going to the gym. And I trained to be a personal confidence coach.

Instead of asking How can I get the romantic relationship that I want? I ask What can I give to someone else who I respect and care deeply about?  

I've been rewarded with the best and deepest friendships and the best romantic connections I've ever imagined.

My journey is just beginning, but I've finally learned what questions should guide my way.

My Life Experiences So Far

My life is full of personal experiences with depression, failure, expectations, broken relationships, deep social anxiety, and being bullied as a kid. All of these felt like "losses" on my life score-card, until I learned how to grow through these experiences, and turn them into some of the most valuable parts of my life.

They are hugely valuable to me in my coaching work as well. If you're looking for a coach, you might find my own life experiences something you resonate with.

Drop me a line anytime if you'd like to chat, I love coaching and am always keen to help.

This is my journey so far. It was full of setbacks, and unhelpful expectations and beliefs that held me back. My "failures" felt like end-of-the-world events. Now those experiences are among my greatest lessons and I value them deeply for what they have given me.

Are you struggling to create the life you want? Are you fighting with past failures that you don't know how to get past? 

Let's talk.

Coaching Focus

  • Overcoming Social Anxiety, Introversion, and difficulty connecting with people.
  • Dating & Relationships.
  • Overcoming Overthinking & Perfectionism
  • Your relationship with yourself, and "Not Good Enough"
  • Recovering from broken Relationships
  • Business Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • Lifestyle Design - Discovering & Creating the lifestyle you want

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I'm based in the Auckland CBD, and always keen to catch up for a coffee.

If you're not in Auckland, Skype is my preferred method for coaching.


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