Webinar - Creating a Meaningful Life

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
7:00 pm
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As a recovering Nice Guy myself, I've learned how to walk the path from people-pleasing through to genuine confidence.

In this free webinar, I will talk about how CONFRONTATIONS play a role in the Nice Guy's life. Specifically, how avoidance of setting boundaries and not saying No is destructive to social connections.

This online seminar will be open-entry - all are welcome and there is no cost.

When: Wed 18 April - 7pm New Zealand Time (9am Prague Time)

Where: Hosted on Zoom, a free video-conferencing app

Cost: Free!Time: 60mins

Yes, there will be a short pitch for joining the online Brojo community membership at the end of the webinar, but you don't have to stick around for that if you're not interested.


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What to bring: 

  • Just an internet connection and Zoom app (link for app will be sent once you register)
  • A piece of paper to take notes, if you like